Aslain ModPack – Version (30.04.2016)

Neue Ausgabe des Aslain ModPack mit vielen Updates für die aktuelle Version von World of Warships!

Version (30-04-2016)

  • updated Historical Flags (by Adiya)
  • updated Extended Tech Tree (adds hidden/unavailable ships to tech tree)
  • updated Damage counter + in-battle clock (alt header by W03L0BED)
  • added Combat interface „Black Citadel“ (by Mebius_LW)
  • added Red-Yellow sense (by BlueManCa)
  • added contour icons by AutoSpy
  • added hud_lib mods by MajorRenegade
  • added Camera „Zeiss“ (advanced camera + advanced zoom) (by Mebius_LW)
  • added Training Room enabler (by swompthink)
  • added Camo Remover (by Aslain + pold77)
  • added Nagasaki port (by GoldPile)
  • added No Shell Contrails (by MREBoy)
  • added No Manga (by Roktaal, Mebius_LW) [DLC]
  • added crosshairs by Mebius_LW
  • added Colorblind interface (by Webium)
  • added Custom damage indicator & torpedo markers (by Aslain & pold77)
  • removed no fog from all ports (has no use and conflicting with port mods)
  • removed Minimap with ship name and last known position (by Kvalme) [mod discontinued]


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