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Update 10.03.2016

Anscheinend hat Wargaming den Test für den Patch 0.5.4 verschoben. Die entsprechende News auf der Nord Amerikanischen Seite wurde wieder gelöscht. Leider gibt es noch keine neuen Informationen wann es nun losgehen soll.


Der Testserver für Patch 0.5.4 startet am 10.03.2016, dort können dann auch die neuen russischen Kreuzer getestet werden. Denkt bitte daran, das sich die unten stehenden Daten noch ändern können. Alle weiteren Informationen in deutscher Sprache kommen in Kürze.

Die folgenden Daten stammen von der amerikanischen Community Seite!


Help the Russian cruisers get their sea trials!

Testing is a paramount in game development, and we value your feedback immensely. This is your chance to be heard! Not only do you get to sample the latest features coming to World of Warships, but we’re supplying rewards to participants. Visit the Public Test training page for further details on how to register for and install the Public Test client.

0.5.4 Public Test

Starts March 10 08:30 PT / 11:30 ET
Ends March 14 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET

Why Join the Public Test?

Update 0.5.4 brings the new Russian cruiser line! Watch the teaser trailer and demo the latest additions to World of Warships. Plus, get rewards!

Public Test Rewards

Participation in the Public Test scores you some booty!

Play one game on the Public Test to receive three of every Signal Flag.

Win 10 games on the Public Test to receive one day of Premium time.

Warning: You must register your Public Test account with the same email address as your live account to collect your rewards. No exceptions.

Rewards will be delivered via bonus code to your email address upon the official release of Update 0.5.4.

Do I have to start from nothing?

No way! Progress in the Public Test is accelerated. Your Public Test account will be granted the following:

  • Account level 12 upon first login, including all the rewards you’d earn along the way
  • XP research requirements are drastically reduced
  • Seven days of Premium time
  • 5,000 Doubloons to spend on Commander skills, Premium consumables, or anything else you’d like
  • Billions of Credits (buy everything your heart desires)

Please note that resources and progress from  previous Public Tests have been wiped.

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